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My Canada Fishing Vacation

Tor and his son catch a big fishI have been taking my boys fishing in Canada for over 10 years now.  What started out as just the perfect family fishing getaway has become so much more to me.  In the beginning,  I was totally overwhelmed with all of the options available when planning a trip.  I found it very difficult to zero in on where to stay, where to fish, what to fish for, what fishing tackle to use and so much more.  Today, things aren't much different, which is good and bad (difficult).  It's good in that Canada is still one of the most beautiful and natural places to fish.  It is difficult however, because many of the resorts have very informative websites, but many don't.

This is how My Canada Fishing Vacation came about.  I wanted others to experience the same joys that my family and I have enjoyed all these years..just with a lot less leg work!

We have set out to create a one-stop "fishing trip planner" website that will allow people to plan their entire trip and find everything they need for the perfect Canadian fishing trip.  Our online fishing trip planner database has been designed to allow you the freedom to plan your trip based on what you want.  Our database currently allows you to filter your options by; best fishing provinces/territories, fish species, type of fishing, lakes, resorts and more. The information is now at your fingertips if you want to find a family resort in Ontario that has Walleye, Northern, Musky, and Perch all in the same lake.

Additionally, we continue to build out our fishing resources and FAQ sections which will guide you through Canada's fishing regulations from how to get a Canada fishing license all the way to how to get the fish home. 

So whether you're taking the kids or going with a group of guys, My Canada Fishing Vacation is for you.  Start planning the perfect fishing getaway today!

Tor Saile

Just the Beginning!

Soon you will be able to plan your entire trip and share the itinerary with everyone in your group. You will be able to build everything you need in a single place. This is just the beginning.  Our goal is to continue to adding must have information to deliver the most comprehensive fishing trip planner database available.